Why Weight is an Unnecessary Number in Your Wellness Journey

Why Weight is an Unnecessary Number in Your Wellness Journey

Tonight I was really disappointed to hear what happened to one of my personal training clients who has been using a well know Weight Loss Company and purchasing one of their Ready To Weekly Eat Food for weight loss plans. 

My Client had a “weigh-in” today and was told that she had put on 1.5kilos…

There are a lot of reasons why one may have increased in weight.

  • Scales might be out, if your scales are not balanced you can see a Plus or Minus number 
  • Clothing the Client was wearing, heavier clothing could add additional numbers to the scales 
  • Has the client gone to the toilet, Number 1’s and 2’s can add up to 500grams easily 
  • How much time has passed since the clients last meal, again undigested food sitting in your body can add grams to the scales 
  • What is the client doing Physically, as we all know Muscle weighs more than FAT 

All these points are reasonable questions to ask when any Trainer or Health Professional are measuring and taking data on a Client. 

But in this case,the Company and more importantly the Consultant did none of these but belittled my client and questioned what she was doing wrong, was she cheating, was she eating too much? AND offered no support at all. 

And I suppose the point of the Weight Loss Company; to take people’s money and sell packaged food doled out in small calorie-reduced sizes for people who are looking for that quick silver bullet fix to all their weight loss and image issues.  But really, what training has this Consultant had about nutrition, health and most importantly how to treat clients?

Tonight my client, in tears, I saw her almost start to slip into bad negative thoughts about herself and forget about all that she had recently achieved on a personal level with her development and health.  This same girl had a blanket over her mirror as she was ashamed of looking at herself, and some (probably skinny old hag) Woman questioned her over what she had done in 1 week and reduced her to nothing. 

It saddens me so much that her weight became this magical number of happiness or complete sadness and anger in someone else.

And that is why I don’t weigh Clients, the number on the scales means nothing to me.  A person’s mental health, mindset and willingness to want to live a happy healthy full life is what counts.  Yes,we have clients that need and want to shift stubborn weight, but we do it SLOWLY and Calculated and without DIETING EVER.  

We don’t have cheat days, because we don’t need them.  

We don’t have weigh-ins because we constantly check in with our client’s to see how they are doing 

We only measure clients if they want to see a change and we don’t get hung up on numbers 

We measure progress in our fitness and individual body capabilities and challenge and grow each client individually.  

We exercise right, eat well and have a tonne of fun.  Do yourself a favour, if you just read this and something resonated in you, or you have a friend or family member that you think might benefit from what we do at Power to Move, share this post and get them to get in touch with us.  

Life is too short to get hung up on a number on the scales.