Personal training program

12-week personal training program

Fit4Life is not a cookie cutter fitness program. Because we understand that everyone has different goals and challenges.

Our program brings together all the advantages of having a Personal Trainer, gym membership and Wellness Coach into one program.

We focus on you, your results and setting you up for lifelong results. It’s designed specifically for people who want to get off the diet and gym membership merry go round and start living their best life.

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Who is this program for?

Anyone and everyone because it's customised to you. We welcome young and old, beginner and advanced.

Will I get results?

Absolutely. You'll get what you put in, and we'll help you plan your meals and workouts and change your mindset to get you long-lasting results.

How is this different?

Our mission is to get people off the health and fitness merry-go-round and reach their goals in a way that makes it easy to maintain. That's what our program is about.

Where do I train?

Train with us at our Ridleyton, SA HQ or choose an online worldwide membership and train from your own home.

Here’s what you get

  • Custom personal training plan designed just for you
  • Up to 5 personal training sessions with an amazing trainers each week
  • Unlimited fitness classes, like boxing, step, yoga and more.
  • Free download of the Trainerize App to help you monitor and track progress
  • Access anywhere at any time so you can workout online when needed
  • One-on-one health screening and physical assessment
  • The Fit4Life video training modules
  • Exciting rewards and prizes along the way
Four clients having fun in the middle of a fitness class.
Girl riding bike with her personal trainer while another girl lifts weight in background.

Affordable pricing

Sign up for a 12-week block or sign up for a year and save over $300.

For a 12-week term

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For a year

52-week membership: weekly price
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52-week online membership: one-off price

For 6 months

26-week membership
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Access your program on the Trainerize App

Access and manage your program directly from the Trainerize app on your mobile. You can see your 12-week workout plan and log your workouts as you go. You can also watch videos demos on how to perform each exercise.

Sign up for the program and we’ll send you the download.

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Throughout the program I've been inspired to make changes and to be better. I'm always so honoured to be part of this community and feel that I've found my tribe. I cannot wait for all the exciting new things the future holds for our PTM family. You're truly stuck with me now!


Fit4Life Program client

How we came up with a program that works

The health and fitness industry can be confusing, overwhelming and disappointing. Unfortunately, it’s built on fad diets and fancy fitness programs that focus on the psychology of selling quick fixes, not lifelong results.

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that popping a pill or drinking a shake can get us to our goals, and sometimes it works, but it never lasts. Once you return to life as normal your results fade away and you can end up worse off than when you started. Not to mention the long-term damage it can have on your metabolic health.

At Power To Move, our mission is to get people off the health and fitness merry-go-round and reach their goals in a way that makes it easy to maintain. That’s why we developed the Fit4Life 12-week Personal Training Program.

Developed by master trainer and sustainable health expert Cass Liebeknecht, our fitness program has inspired hundreds of everyday Aussies to live a healthy life and achieve long-term results. It works because it focuses on the three pillars of success: mindset, movement and meals.

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Choose from the Ridleyton SA HQ memberships or the Online Worldwide membership. Then choose your payment options, from 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 year or 1 year with weekly payments.

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