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Maria Maffei with trainer Cass, before her Power to Move transformation.Maria Maffei looking great after her Power to Move transformation.

Drag the arrows left and right to see Maria’s before and after transformation.

I started training with PTM in March 2020 to help me deal with stress and a traumatic event. I started with simple yoga stretches and low impact exercises because my health and fitness was quite poor – I couldn’t do sit ups or climb stairs without getting puffed out.

I decided to challenge myself and push my boundaries because being in an older age bracket, I was concerned about ageing strong and being healthy for as long as possible.

I think that the biggest secret to being successful in achieving goals is consistency, setting goals a little higher than you think you’re capable of achieving and then just going for it and making small adjustments each time and giving it your best.

My advice to anyone thinking of starting is to stop thinking about it and just start. One step at a time. Set yourself realistic goals – you’re first and foremost doing this for yourself. You deserve to feel and be at your best.

George Bitzos receiving award for most centimetres lost (male) from Trainer, Cass, at Power to Move gym.

George receiving the award for most centimetres lost (male) at our annual awards night.

I’ve been with Power to Move for 12 months and have been part of the Fit4Life Program.

I am Obese and when I started with the team I needed to lose over 60 kilos, get my blood sugar, cholesterol and general health under control and start to move more.

Cass helped ease me into training. We started with a few sessions each week, and now I’m at the gym sometimes twice a day. Cass has helped me with my food and movement and now trainer Max is taking my fitness and health to the next level.

I’ve lost 28 kilos and 58 centimetres so far, and I’m committed to achieving my health and lifestyle goals.

Maddison McCarthy client results photo

Maddison receiving the award for most centimetres lost (female) at our annual awards night.

My name is Madison McCarthy. I’ve been training at Power to Move for almost 6 months and cannot believe the change I have endured mentally and physically.

I absolutely love the vibe and inclusivity of this gym and really think I have achieved the best results here.

With head trainer Cassandra, I have lost a total of 38cm whilst training here and most importantly, have achieved a changed positive mindset toward being healthy and active on a daily basis.

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