Why is Guided Exercise Important for Young People?

Why is Guided Exercise Important for Young People?

My journey with exercise and movement began at the age of fifteen, but it wasn’t me taking up a sport or joining a gym. In 2010 I collapsed from pain in my mid-back at school. I went home that day assuming I’ll rest and recover, but this wasn’t the case.  

It is no secret that fitness is an important part of being healthy, but fitness done under the guidance of a professional can be life-changing.  

So began my life as an adolescent with chronic back pain, but I wasn’t content for that to remain my story.

I began seeing a physiotherapist and she suggested I have X-ray; long behold my spine was far from normal. A few of my vertebra has grown in a wedge shape. This resulted in kyphosis (aka a hunch back) and some very unhappy muscles- this is a condition known as Schuermann’s disease.  

After my diagnosis, I was able to start my road to recovery. A major component was working with someone who gave me specific guided exercises. Working together I develop my stomach muscles, improve my posture and ultimately reduced the impact of the disease.  

Chances are if I had worked with a trainer earlier in my life, I may have avoided the majority of pain that came with my condition. Posture and core strength are not only important for those with back problems. Everyone, especially in a society where we are always looking down at our phones or sitting at desks can benefit.  

It’s now my mission to help other young people use movement to empower them to be the best they can be. How can movement do all this?  

Movement is not only associated with decreased rates of back pain.

Being physically active is scientifically proven to:  

  • Reduce the risk of anxiety and depression 
  • Improve self-confidence,  
  • Decrease the chance of developing diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases,  
  • Improves nervous system function which means better sleep, improved moods, and increased productivity. 
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