What We Offer

For busy humans who want to move more

Daily Live Online Movement Classes

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering fun high energy workouts with plenty of variety. With Boxfit, FAST, Yoga and much more across various age groups there’s sure to be a class for you.

We’re currently delivering all our classes online so social distancing is no barrier to keeping fit.

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Signature Programs

Educate, Learn and Grow
Including our 12 Week Program, Food Masterclasses, School Based Programs for teachers and students and more.

Personal Training

A Holistic approach to long term health
One on one personal training programs customised to meet your needs.
We're more than just a Gym

You and NDIS

  • One on One Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Hydrotherapy and Swimming
  • Respite and Retreats
  • Goal Setting

We focus on getting to know each participant, their goals and how we can help them achieve them.

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