Signature Programs

School Based Programs

School Based programs with a focus on health, wellbeing and fitness for all.

Fitness, health and nutrition programs designed for kids aged 5 – 17 years of age

Now is the time to get your School and Community ready Physically and Mentally for the best year yet!

The youth loved the Boxfit and yoga/mindfulness class, Cass had so much energy and love, the kids want us to run the session again.


Secondary High School Coordinator

Fitness Classes including Boxfit, Bootcamp and Cardio, Nutrition and Food Skills making Protein Balls, Smoothies and Wraps, Fitness Games, Yoga, and Meditation

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Health and Wellness Programs

We have a variety of Health and Wellness Programs throughout each year to help you re focus, re-energize and support your body.

Our Programs are designed to be holistic, we are super passionate about creating positive, long term change to your health and wellness.

Over the last year, we have worked with a variety of clients (kids, youth, adults). Some have wanted to get healthier, others have wanted to reduce certain medication they were on, others wanted to get leaner and stronger, one wanted to be able to get up in the morning pain-free.

No matter the journey, we focus on your goals and a holistic approach to you.

What we DON’T Do

  • We don’t count calories
  • We don’t do weigh ins
  • We don’t restrict your life
  • We don’t worry about what we didn’t do

What we DO

  • We encourage you to have your own journey
  • We design a program that will be with you long term
  • We look at all areas of your life to help you become the best version of you
  • We work with you daily, weekly, monthly to help you achieve and be accountable
  • We Listen

School Holiday Clinics

Do you find it hard to keep your kids active during the school holidays?
Want something different for your kids to do?
Need an hour to yourself?

Give your kids a healthy start during the school holidays.
Our School Holiday Clinic is the ideal, fun, healthy, movement program designed to get your child active in the school holidays.

Each School Holiday we offer programs for your child to attend at various locations around South Australia. We also offer our Fitness and Nutrition Clinics to OSHC Centre’s, Schools and Local Councils.

Want to know more?

We’d love to hear from you! Please don’t be shy to contact us with any queries you have about our signature programs or any of our other offerings.

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