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School Holiday Clinics

Do you find it hard to keep your kids active during the school holidays?

Want something different for your kids to do?

Need an hour to yourself?

Give your kids a healthy start during the school holidays.

Our School Holiday Clinic is the ideal, fun, healthy, movement program designed to get your child active in the school holidays.

The 5-day clinic includes participation certificate, water bottle, and fresh fruit and veg at each class.

The 60-minute class incorporates the following:

  • Warm up
  • Class discussion and demonstration about core activity
  • Muscle conditioning phase
  • Warm down
  • Health, movement and nutrition facts

Day 1 – PTM Cardio – It is all about the cardio, lets get our heart rate up and pumping. A crazy, fun-filled class full of games and activities to build cardiovascular endurance.

Day 2 – Find your power, today we focus on your strength, lets get your muscles and bones stronger through our circuit based class.

50% Strength 50% Conditioning, this class teaches proper techniques using upper and lower bodies using body weight. Focus is aimed at core strength and full body muscle toning.

Day 3 – Taught by our Kids Yoga Guru, this class will have your child returning to you in a zen-like state, confident and calm. Stretch and strengthen your body and mind through this yoga class. This class teaches breathing techniques, calming the mind and stretching the body.

Day 4 – Bootcamp 101 Your kids will come away from this class PUMPED. An obstacle/circuit class with fun games and activities aimed to get the Heart and Muscles pumping.

Day 5 – BoxFit. Martial arts inspired workout. This class is a fast-paced cardio workout, lots of high energy and heaps of fun




Power to Move is a fitness program designed specifically for kids aged 5—18 through 6 fitness classes that can be delivered as a school clinic or as individual classes before and after school.