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Daily Movement Classes

Our Daily Movement classes are ideal for busy families who want to help their child move more. This program is designed around the core fitness principles of supporting and building:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Muscle Strength and Conditioning

  • Bone Strength and Conditioning

  • Flexibility and Core Stability

  • Health and Nutrition

Our classes focus on an initial fitness test to gauge your child’s abilities and over the duration of classes we focus on cardio improvement strength, flexibility and most of all having FUN!

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering fun high energy workouts with plenty of variety. We have small class sizes (no more than 15 kids) to ensure your kids get greater individual attention.

We have 2 designated classes for kids aged 11 and under and 12 and over.
Over the last 12 months, we have tested, created and critiqued our classes, with our most popular ones being Boxfit and Bootcamp.

We now have 3 classes that we know your child will love:

• FAST (Functional, Aerobic, Strength Training)
Our FAST training is our signature class combining circuit training, strength moves and endurance, it is similar to CrossFit and designed for each individual age group.

Martial Arts inspired exercise combining aerobic fitness and brain stimulation

(Functional Low-impact Yoga & Pilates)
This class is a great way to stretch, strengthen and reconnect with the mind and body. Students are also taught Headstands, HandStands, and other cool poses and strength moves to do with their body



Power to Move is a fitness program designed specifically for kids aged 5—18 through 6 fitness classes that can be delivered as a school clinic or as individual classes before and after school.