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Our personal training sessions improve overall fitness, confidence, posture and strength.

The goal of our personal training is to help you develop positive relationships with exercise, make exercise fun and ensure you’re exercising and moving correctly.

We have trainers ready to help you achieve your goals.

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Personal Training Pricing

We have a range of personal training pricing and options to fit your budget and lifestyle. Each program includes regular personal training sessions with one of our amazing trainers with the frequency of training sessions dependent on the PT package you purchase.

Your training will be specifically designed and tailored to your individual goals.

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From a PT regular

So many (words) came to mind when I thought of you. Strength, family, supportive. I settled on 'inspire' because every time I see you, you inspire me; to push further, to make changes, to be stronger.

You have become such a huge part of my life over the last year and have always been encouraging and supportive of me. You have inspired me to make changes and to be better. I am always so honoured to be part of the community you have created and feel that I have found my tribe.

I cannot wait for all the exciting new things that the future holds for you and our PTM family. You’re truly stuck with me now!


long-term client

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